Cell Groups   

  • Wakeuporelse cell groups are weekly, international cell group meetings for the truther community using video conferencing! 
  • All meetings are free and are approximately 1 hour in length
  • These meetings allow Christian truthers to share their journey with other believers in the truther community and find healing, comfort and fellowship. 
  • See the calendar below for schedule of meetings

Cell Group Overview

Click the button below to listen to a brief overview of the plan to introduce FREE, Christian, video conferencing support groups for the truther community!

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How to set up Freeconferencecall.com on your computer and phone

Video walkthrough of how to set it up

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Cell Group Documents

How to download and use the Freeconferencecall platform on computer and phone


Rules of conduct

How to set up and use FreeConfCall with trouble shooting


Guidelines for Moderators

Instructions for Moderators

Meeting Documents

Meeting Script

Statement Of Faith

Suggested Topics

All Wakeuporelse Meetings