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Luke 14:28  "Which of you, wishing to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost to see if he has the resources to complete it"?

Being self governed requires a monumental, relentless commitment to study and being self reliant.  We have been conditioned to rely on others to figure things for us.  There is no customer service number if you are free.  If you don't understand something you will very often have to figure it out yourself.  Think frontier life with an ax and a gun.  

If you want to be free....hiring an attorney is not an option.  You have to learn, practice, organize and prepare so that when you are attacked in some capacity you will be able to think on your feet, be super confident and have the appropriate words to back up the powerful paperwork and superior titles that you will have in place.  

If you feel tempted to complain because all the answers are not provided for you as clearly and detailed as you would like or the process is costly or challenging then maybe freedom isn't for you. 

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How I became a State National

1) Go to

2) Purchase BOTH Affidavit of Repudiation and All Recording Documents (Total cost = $200)

For detailed instructions on this entire process go to

3) Go to

Purchase 3 original "Live" Birth Certificates through this company from your home state.

4) Mail Affidavit as per instructions

5) Wait 22 days

6) Get additional recording documents witnessed and notarized

7) Publish them on the public record at the Registrar of Deeds

8) You are now a State National!

How I got my Passport

Go to

Scroll on left to bottom and select the link called 

"Beat the law...Diplomatic immunity State Citizen Passport"

Follow these instructions when filling out your passport application

Go to

Download the DS-11 and fill it out according to the instructions on 

NOTE:  You must include an explanatory statement with your DS-11 Passport application or it will not work.  Click HERE for sample explanatory statement

You need to go to an official passport agency location.  Your local post office is a transfer station and people report that it doesn't work because you need to explain it in person 

To find the closest location go here

In order to set an appointment you must be "planning" to be traveling internationally within 14 days of your passport appointment date

You can plan a road trip to Canada 5 days out from your appointment.  Book a hotel for 1 night.  Print off the reservations and bring it with you to the appointment.  If you can't show this you will not get in the door.  You can change your mind about the trip later and cancel.

You can only make an appointment by calling 877-487-2778

You need to call right at 8am for the best chance of getting through

You need to get 4 or 5 stars on your passport card  Watch Video

Here is everything that you need to bring to your Passport appointment as of 9-5-2022

1) Properly completed DS-11 Form (All 3 boxes checked NO for US Citizen?) 

2) Proof of travel (Copy of reservation)

3) Copy of appointment confirmation

4) A full copy of the stack of documents that you published at the Registrar of deeds with the registrars stamp on it.  (ie Affidavit of Repudiation, Affidavit of non rebuttal, Deed of Re conveyance, Affidavit on Non Corp Status)

5) Original of birth certificate

6) Copy of birth certificate

7) Copy of Driver's license

8) Official Passport Photo (i.e. From CVS)  Make sure its don't properly.  Must have green check for all metrics

What if you have/had an existing passport?

If you have an expired passport then you don't need to report it as lost or stolen.  This is best because the more things you introduce into this process the more that can go wrong.  My passport was expired and so I left it out of the process.  I told them it was expired and lost and that was the end of it.  If you have a passport that is current I'm not sure how that will work.  You will need to research that one.  Your not renewing because you already have one.  You are basically applying for a new one under a new political status.  If you bring an existing passport to your appointment you will need to be very clear about what your goals are.  These people are not your friends. 

The day of the appointment

Cost for Passport and card was $245.  

I told them I am claiming the medical and religious exception and I did not have to wear a mask.

You will go to the 1st window.  Tell them you are a State National as described in 8 USC Title 1101 (21a) and you would like a passport to reflect that status. (The less you say the better)

If that works they will approve you to go to the next window.  There you will sign and pay

Then you will come back later that day and pick up your passport.  Congrats!


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